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A little About Us

I’m an author of, “Praise God I’m Free!” Inspirational writings that explains freedom from past, identity, and purpose. 

We are a Christian minority-owned Leadership Consulting and Life Coaching Company, who has a heart for humanity. Our company and experienced specialist will aim to provide transformational experiences that will enhance growth in all areas for improvement: Spiritual and Relationship coaching programs, Development and leadership, Disability services, Incarcerated life skills, Senior Living Support, Seminars, Workshops, Publishing, Medial & Manual Technology, Program Planning, and Leadership Incubators for Entrepreneurs.

Our Mission is to build, create, and improve the life and welfare of individuals by helping turn dreams into reality. We respect individualities and build on diversity by incorporating the Golden Rule policy and Teamwork Success strategies. Our goal is to bring out what is already within and create a blueprint that designs purpose, illustrate, and produce success.

As the CEO and Coach, I vision people to their full potential. I have a heart for people who travel the road finding who they are, their dreams, visions on life, and becoming successful.  

My Accomplishments

I’ve trained and continue to train at World Coach Institute 

I hold several other credentials that lead me into the knowledge of serving my clients: a Master of Arts in Leadership and Business Management, Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and Ethics, and Licensing in Christian Leadership. I am also a published author.

Partnership with VASHTI!

Visions is now partnered with VASHTI, a non-profit focused on helping & serving underprivileged, underserved families and individuals in the Washtenaw/Wayne County area.

For More information about VASHTI, Check out their Website

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